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At Garden City Golf Estate, you get to live in a golf course.

Mixta Nigeria

We capitalize on emerging opportunities in the fast growing Nigerian Real Estate market.

Building Communities

We are building communities where you and your loved ones can live, work, and play.

About Mixta Nigeria

Mixta Real Estate Plc (also known as Mixta Nigeria and formerly ARM Properties Plc) is a leading real estate development company in Nigeria. The company has a strong track record and diverse real estate portfolio, with operations spanning the residential, commercial, retail and leisure sectors of Nigerian real estate industry.

Mixta Nigeria has successfully delivered close to 3,000 real estate assets, comprising homes, plots and retail outlets to end-buyers. Our success is built on the strength of our asset base, which stands at a value of over N29 billion, one of the largest in its sector in Nigeria.

Mixta Nigeria executes special projects in medium to large scale real estate development projects and also provides real estate advisory services. By carefully and strategically selecting our real estate projects, we are able to contribute to viable community developments and bring about sustainable transformation of the real estate sector.

Our History

Mixta Real Estate Plc commenced operations in February 2006 as a real estate investment fund management company promoted by Asset & Resource Management Company Ltd (ARM), an established asset management company headquartered in Lagos, Nigeria, to leverage ARM’s advisory experience in real estate and capitalize on emerging opportunities in the fast growing Nigerian real estate market. Under this banner, the Fund raised N1.25 billion through private placement.

In 2007, the Fund was converted to a property company, ARM Properties Plc, as a result of operational and tax limitations encountered due to current legislation governing real estate investment funds in Nigeria. The Company successfully raised N5.675 billion by private placement in August 2008.

In 2015, ARM acquired Mixta Africa, an Africa-focused large scale property development company headquartered in Spain with subsidiary operations in several countries across North and sub-Saharan Africa. The combination of ARM Properties and Mixta Africa gave birth to Mixta Real Estate Plc, with Mixta Nigeria as the brand.

Our Vision

Mixta Nigeria’s vision is to be Nigeria’s foremost real estate developer, creating value for our clients by delivering innovative solutions. Nigeria is ready for a global standard real estate company able to deliver on the huge needs of the market. Mixta Nigeria is already poised to face the challenge head on and take advantage of the remarkable opportunities that exist in the real estate market.

Our vision is:

  • To build a dominant real estate investment company with an ethos of excellence, professionalism and integrity;
  • To develop long term competitive advantage through mobilizing in-house skills, access to deals and capital and taking advantage of market opportunities;
  • To seek to provide industry leadership in the area of financing and
  • To foster growth and development in the real estate sector

Investment Philosophy

Mixta Nigeria invests primarily in property development projects on a ‘build to sell’, ‘build to rent’ or ‘build to operate’ model with a holding period of 2 to 5 years. The Company typically takes a majority stake in projects.

Mixta Nigeria invests primarily in property development projects.

The Company’s investment strategy is to:

  • Invest in a portfolio of properties that is diversified by sector, geographic location and timing of income streams
  • Invest in the development and acquisition of residential, commercial and retail properties
  • Achieve appreciation in value of our assets over the life of the instrument
  • Structure investments to achieve a right balance between current income and capital appreciation
  • Select investments with liquidity and exit in mind