Lakowe Lakes construction update

February 22, 2016 Articles

Lakowe Lakes construction update

We would like to welcome our dear clients to a new year and a new era. 2015 was a year filled with dramatic twists and turns; from the build up to the elections to post-election jitters to the drop in oil prices and the resultant weakness of the Naira against the Dollar made the year quite a challenging one for us. However, we remain resolute in our promise of delivering quality Real Estate masterpieces to all our clients at no additional cost.

During the course of the year, we achieved a milestone by acquiring Mixta Plc;A company with a strong track record and diverse real estate portfolio, with operations spanning the residential, commercial, retail and leisure sectors of the African Real Estate industry. It has its headquarters in Barcelona, Spain and footprints in over 5 African countries. This acquisition is aimed at further solidifying our position in the industry and building a synergistic relationship especially as it relates to offeringinternational best practices and standards to adoption of modern cost effective technology.

Together with our beloved clients, we have come a long way but the journey is even about to get better as 2016 comes with a promise of  renewed purpose and new developments, completion and handover of existing projects and prompt response on document delivery.So please join in as we go through some of the progresses made on the Lakowe Lakes homes during this period accompanied by pictorial evidence in support of our efforts. I do hope you enjoy reading this update and will welcome inquiries or suggestions you may have in relation to any of the projects through an e-mail to or you may reach out to us on 234 (1) 2701653, 2701096.

Mixa Group – Footprint across Africa

Did you know?

  • Founded in April 2005, Mixta Africa is Europe’s first-mover and active player in the fast growing African Real Estate sector. With offices in Morocco, Senegal, Tunisia, Côte d’Ivoire, Nigeria and Mauritania and projects in Algeria and Egypt, we have a mission of leading the transformation of African cities.
  • Our vision is to be the African foremost Real Estate developer by creating value for our clients through delivery of innovative solutions.
  • In 2015, Mixta Africa was acquired by Asset & Resource Management Company (ARM), an established asset management company headquartered in Lagos, Nigeria with circa US$3.5 billion under management.
  • Mixta has more than 50 experienced professionals and subsidiaries in 6 countries.
  • The combination of Mixta Africa and ARM Properties Plc has a land bank of approximately 20 million sqm with close to 10,000 housing units delivered across Africa.



Shell Construction is 100% complete. Installation of finishes is in progress on all units with installation of floor and wall tiles in progress, installation of window and doors, installation of sanitary ware. Electrical wiring for light points and power are in progress. Show house completed for Client experience of the finishes for the Aso Loft on site. Infrastructure works in progress with the installation of interlocking stones for access road, driveways and walkways, road crossings and landscaping. Electrical installation in progress. Delivery of the Aso Lofts to commence from Q2 2016.

Shell Construction completed with outstanding corrective and snag works. We also completed a show house in October 2015 for client experience of a finished home. Finishes contract has been awarded and installation of aluminium windows and sliding doors are in progress. Floor and Wall tiling has commenced. Infrastructure works in progress with the concrete stabilization of the road completed and the installation of the interlocking stones and kerbs in progress. From our highly skilled technicians to the quality high end products used, we deliver on our promise of delivering roads and homes built to the highest standards and taste.

Our Progress for Q2 2016

Our plan is to ensure progress on the external finishes with the completion of the aluminium windows and sliding doors as well as security doors. Screeding and painting of external walls is in progress.

Internal and external plastering are at 90%. Overall shell Construction at 90% completion. Electrical wiring in progress.

Progress Plan for Q2

Our plan is to ensure progress on the completion of the shell construction. Complete electrical wiring. Commence completion of the external finishes with installation of the aluminium windows and sliding doors. Commence external screeding and paint works.

Roof carcass construction is at about 80%. The internal and external plastering is in progress.

Progress Plan for Q2

Our plan for the next quarter is to commence installation of roof covering on all completed roof structures.

  • Construction of the buildings continues to progress according to schedule. Total construction of the buildings is at 29%.
  • Procurement of the finishing items is scheduled to commence this quarter (Q1 2016).
  • All ground and floor slabs completed.
  • First floor columns in progress.
  • Roof beam casting in progress for 1 unit.
  • Production of blocks in progress.

Progress Plan for Q2

Commence complete roof beams on all priority units. Complete roof structure on block 1 and 2. Accelerate block works on ground and first floors.


  • We have phased the project into Phase 1A (Enclave- Roads 26 -31) and Phase 1B (Plots Roads 33-40)
  • All roads scheduled for the phases of the development have been set-out and construction has been initiated.
  • We have installed Sewer, Water and Electrical lines in the road crossings of 8 of the 14 ongoing road construction. A further plan to have the additional 6 road crossings will be installed towards the end of 2016.
  • Subsoil layers have been installed on 5 of the ongoing road and curbs have been installed on the roads by the end of October 2015. 4 additional roads will be ready for curb installation in the coming month of November.
  • We have commenced paving stone installation on roads where the curbs have been installed with a goal of completing them by the end of the year.
  • Major target achievements on the project are the completion of all roads in phase 1B by the end of the year and a further advancement and completion of roads in phase 1A in Q1 2016.

We are committed to ensure that the delivery of the infrastructure is in line with the homes.

Title Documents

We have received various complaints about the pace of documentation in this estate. Please be assured that all administrative lapses have been overcome and Sublease Agreements are being churned out as I write. Please contact us at or call us on 234 (1) 2701653, 2701096 if you have fully paid and are yet to receive your documents.

Payment Restructuring

At this point, it may be necessary to reschedule some of the payment milestones with some clients (we will contact those individual clients shortly). This will help us realign ourselves with you and provide feasible and achievable completion dates for each phase of the Lakowe project.

Promotions, Discounts, Concessions

We are presently selling some of our properties at discounted prices. This opportunity is open to existing and prospective customers as the company seeks to make property purchase affordable for all. Please send an e-mail to or call us on 234 (1) 2701653, 2701096 to make enquiries.

Events Calendar

We do not have any upcoming event in the first quarter of 2016.

Thank you for taking time to go through this newsletter. We hope it was informative. We would also like to hear from you. Please feel free to reach us on our dedicated e-mail at or on our 8a.m to 5p.m telephone helpdesk on 234 (1) 2701653, 2701096.

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