RDP (Residence De La Paix) Construction Update – July 2017

RDP (Residence De La Paix) Construction Update – July 2017

This image shows construction progress as at July 10, 2017.

Welcome to the second edition of the RDP newsletter. During the life of the RDP project, construction newsletters will be produced and circulated to all subscribers periodically to provide information about upcoming construction activities and other project activities of interest.
RDP is the first estate in line with our affordable housing vision, hence it is our upmost priority to deliver the quality housing in a family-friendly atmosphere that we initially set out to do. We have also launched presales of Fara Park II, another affordable housing development, you can find out more about the development here.
As a developer we have had some challenges along the way, particularly in securing the boundary and access to the RDP development. We glad that these have been resolved and we can fully focus on delivery over the coming months.

We’re Going Paperless!

Further to the recent upgrade of our Real Estate Management System (REIMS), all payment acknowledgements will be sent electronically. We are making this change in a bid to better improve the turnaround time and create a seamless transaction process for our subscribers.

Going forward all payment acknowledgements will be sent via email with the Sales Representative in copy. If you are happy for this change to take place, you don’t need to do anything, the changes will take effect immediately. We will assume that you have accepted the change and that you authorise us going forward to send correspondence to the email address we’ve used for this email, or to any other email address which you notify us of in the future. Hard copy payment acknowledgements will only be available upon request by sending an email to realestateoperations_nigeria@mixtafrica.com

We have also introduced automated payment reminders which are sent a week before the payment due date. We realise how busy everyone is and the reminders will alert you in advance of any upcoming due payments. All subscribers should endeavour to make payment on or before the payment due date to ensure allocation of your unit and avoid default under the terms of offer.
If you’d like to update your contact preference details, kindly email us quoting your unique reference number.

Construction Update

Work is steadily progressing on the first four blocks, with work on an additional two blocks due to start early Q4. The configuration in each block consists of 16 flats on 4 floors (8 x 2 bedrooms and 8 x 3 bedrooms).

We have achieved the following critical milestones since our last update and other work is in progress as follows:

  • All Concrete works are completed for all blocks
  • Blockwork and the lintels on all floors have been completed
  • Mechanical & Electrical 1st fix on all floors have been completed
  • Timber Roof carcass for all blocks have been completed
  • Internal Plastering is completed on 1st and 2nd floors
  • Aluminium roof covering is completed
  • All sanitary wares and doors have been procured
  • Tiles and light fittings were fully procured as at the end of June
  • Installation of windows have also commenced on the first floor blocks

External Works and Infrastructure

We have had to tinker our project implementation and delivery programme a little bit, to factor the challenges experienced in securing the boundary and access to the development which have been fully resolved. This will also enable us to also deliver to the quality we have set out to achieve. Sand filling has commenced on site and Civil, Mechanical and Electrical Infrastructural works will commenced at the end of June and is scheduled for completion in 6 months.